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What Service To Expect From Virgin Media Business

Want real feedback from an existing Virgin Media Business customer? This blog review has been set up to provide the true facts. It describes honestly the first hand experiences I have personally had while dealing with Virgin Media Business.

As the name suggests this site has been created to provide an honest and reliable account from a Virgin Media Business customer.

In the following pages I will explain the reason I felt the need and indeed what drove me to these lengths, whilst laying bare for you the experiences and facts of being bound to a contract with Virgin Media Business.


To provide you with some context, I held the position of Chief Technical Officer for many years and worked in the City of London for nearly a decade and a half (specifically within the technology arena). During my time as a CTO I designed and implemented networks, server farms amongst other infrastructure and technologies. In addition to the aforementioned I have worked for Microsoft being one of the pioneers of Office 365 in the UK, written articles for industry journals, held the position of a Data Protection Officer as well as owning my own IT company. With this sites launch (27th Sep), I am still heavily entangled in a web of a horrendous nature. This has ultimately led to unimaginable stress which in turn has taken a savage toll on both my physical and mental health. As a result, I will be gradually transcribing the details of the incredulous journey with which I have had to endure (also time permitting), so please check weekly for fresh content. That’s all for now VMBR

Current Status

Current VMB Connection Status 25th August 2020 1 out of 2 Locations Down Connection Down Time 25th August 2020 16th October 2019

Get In Touch

To contact me please complete the form below. I will be adding the ability to share content from this site directly to social media. If you are from Virgin Media Business then a little FYI. I am unable to send emails into your company due to a false positive occurring with the entity you outsource your email security to. It is futile requesting I email you. To find out more about “email false positives” please visit this site. I refuse to call your non-UK outsourced customer support due to the fact they have no ability to deal with any of the issue you have created. I have already wasted what amounts to days of my time, repeatedly attempting to convey my problems.

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